What is a therapist scared of?

It’s intriguing isn’t it, to know what a therapist would be scared of?

Someone who has all or most answers for client’s problems, an expert who helps people face their deepest anxieties and fears, they also have some fears of their own.

As a therapist, my biggest professional fear is other professionals.


Wait, before you jump the gun, let me clarify. I don’t hate all other therapists and psychiatrists apart from myself. But the amount of malpractice and sloppy work is so rampant, that it breaks my heart.

There was a time when I used to think this is an Indian phenomenon, what with our archiac mental health act and absolutely no licensing at all, but then I later read of the debacle where APA psychologists were illegally working with the American Defense department to help them with mental torture of the detainees. Then, I was pretty sure that the ‘mad doctors’ are everywhere, but they may just escape better because of our laws.

Right from counselors who think being gay is a sin and people can be cured by converting to their (the counselor’s) religion, to horrible policies of special schools, to suicide helplines who are just downright horrendous, to psychiatrists who give ECTs in a moving van, this therapist’s biggest fears are her colleagues. Some of them.

On reflecting, I think that people who suck at their job everywhere. But the problem here is that in this field, if you are bad, the potential for abuse is high, and you can scar someone forever; because they are the most vulnerable when they come to you for help.


One thought on “What is a therapist scared of?

  1. agreed!! becoming a mental health professional reminds me of martial arts: it either makes a person into a more beautiful, deeper, mature gift to humanity – or it gives a person an even more devastating weapon to bring havoc to the world.


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